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Atlanta's Top Freelance Culinary Talent

Personal Chef Services

Our members are highly qualified to provide a wide range of freelance services including:

Weekly Meal Services:

Give your family the opportunity to have a professional chef cook a set number of meals in your own home, tailored to your needs. The chef typically shops for the groceries and cleans the kitchen following execution of the service.

Chef Designed Dinner Parties:

Offer a customized multi course menu executed in your kitchen to delight your guests.

On Site Executed Grand Buffet Services:

Furnish your events with a personalized buffet menu executed from an on site kitchen.

Cooking Classes and Demos:

Grant you and your guests an opportunity to learn and explore a tailored culinary arts experience with a professionally trained chef.

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Let us know what you are looking for so we can help you find your new chef!
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